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threatdown: starbucks

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  • happy holidays

    it’s been a while since i wrote an entry on here. most of my updates are in my journal, so this portion of my site goes neglected :(

    i just had my annual review. it took 12 minutes total and i’m very happy with how it went. chris and i also started our 401k’s (finally!) now that our companies are offering matching as a benefit. so next month we’ll be making more money and putting more away. not a bad deal…

    we just started watching Heroes. we’d heard good things about the NBC series but hadn’t gotten around to watching it. we’re about half-way through season 1. it’s truly an addictive show. it seems like every scene is a cliffhanger, as are the episodes. the storytelling pulls you in, unraveling clues about each character’s role in the grand plot as it unfolds. pretty cool show.

    The Office season 3 pranks

    i love The Office. we were watching some of these clips last night. i decided to post them for posterity :)

    here are some pranks from season 3. enjoy!

    Season 3 pranks part 1

    Season 3 pranks part 2

    Season 3 pranks part 3

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