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photo albums updated!

after updating my wordpress installation, i finally got the Fotobook plug-in up and running and now have all my facebook photo albums imported into my site. now i can upload all my photos on facebook but still have them pulled into my photo albums page :)

thank you, aaron harp, for doing the hard work for me!

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  • site updates

    i finally got around to upgrading to the latest version of Wordpress. i’m working on building a photo gallery and testing out lightbox 2. yipee!

    i love that i never noticed the sidebar was broken in IE 6 (possibly 7) for a month. i hate you, IE.

    EDIT: photo gallery with lightbox is up! i’ll continue to add photos and get these galleries going in the upcoming weeks. thanks to chris for helping me tweak the code ;)

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  • customizing

    i actually started customizing this illacrimo theme. as pretty as the original was, i had to add my own look to it :)

    i also added a twitter section and a facebook photobadge. i should probably come up with a favicon, too…

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  • new theme!

    i kinda like it.

    trying to get together a portfolio section, but not sure when i’ll get to that.

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  • ooh journal

    thanks to livejournal’s rss feed and a simple wordpress plugin, i’ve been able to integrate my latest livejournal entries right into my journal page. i didn’t even have to be a paid member to do it, unlike what livejournal makes it seem :-P

    anyway…yeah. now it’ll cost you one less click to read up on my boring life. my lj friends will, of course, have to go into livejournal to view my friends-only entries if they so desire.

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