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tilt-shift photography is adorable

what a miniature world

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  • a look back on iPhone speculation

    years after the iPhone hit the market, it’s interesting to look back on all the speculation surrounding this device:

    The Speculative Prehistory of the iPhone

    one user comment pointed out: “It is amazing how much all iPhone predictions looked like traditional cell phones while today all cell phones look like iPhones.”

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  • i might have to pick up this up…

    scosche home and car usb charger

    photo albums updated!

    after updating my wordpress installation, i finally got the Fotobook plug-in up and running and now have all my facebook photo albums imported into my site. now i can upload all my photos on facebook but still have them pulled into my photo albums page :)

    thank you, aaron harp, for doing the hard work for me!

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  • super mario desktop wallpapers

    for all you super mario nerds out there, we’re currently rockin’ a couple of these bad boys:

    Badass Super Mario desktop wallpapers

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