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our new living room

i love our apartment.

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  • bring on 2008

    we got through the holidays. woohoo! i’m both relieved and sad that it’s over. it’s such a busy, hectic season crammed into the last few weeks of the year. i can’t really complain, though…it’s a much welcome break from the monotony of day-to-day life. chris just posted a holiday recap on his site and is editing it as we speak.

    holidays ‘07
    lots of food and drink
    little exercise
    awesome presents
    plenty of shopping
    playing with presents
    doing nothing
    quality time with Lucky
    staying up late
    sleeping in
    not working

    that should sum up our vacation.

    i’m gonna miss all that free time :( it’ll be tough getting back into work mode tomorrow. we’re not really looking forward to thinking and being stressed out at all.

    almost time for bed. it’s really over :-/ now for a happy new year…

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  • it’s the time of the season

    christmas was awesome. it was great to be able to spend time with everybody :) i’m glad my dad was able to come up and be with the family for the holidays. thank you to mom, bella, and caroline for helping with the christmas eve dinner. i love eating at the house. thank you to chris’s parents for hosting christmas…there were a lot of people over to entertain and feed.

    thank you everyone for the presents. we have so many new things…practically a new kitchen set – knive set, 10-piece non-stick cookware, kitchen towels – thanks to chris’s parents and my mom for the 8-bottle wine chiller. chris’s parents also got us our first lawn ornaments so we can deck out the patio area for the spring!

    i have some new clothes, a new watch, and more earrings (yayy!) thanks to my family :) thanks to chris i have my first pair of diamond earrings and a beautiful jewelry box from jared’s that fits everything nicely.

    chris’s aunt tammy gave us a gift check we may use in conjunction with my mom’s gift card for the cheesecake factory. thank you!

    caroline, we still have to make the beer bread! i read that it goes well with a beef dish so it should be yumy.

    rachel had the jamaica paintings framed to match our living room – thick contemporary black frames with red undertones. we hung them up staggered to flow with the rest of the wall hangings and it looks really nice:

    thanks rachel and matt!! rachel’s mom bought us our food at wegmans last night with her gift card :) free food rocks.

    chris’s family provided us maaany new ornaments for our tree which we hung up.

    see other christmas ‘07 pictures

    we’re still pretty exhausted from the festivities and spent last night and today playing with the 360. after we got the wireless adapter last night, we’ve turned it into a full-blown media center using Connect360. it’s like having an apple tv since we can play any videos, music, or pictures we have on our macs. last night we were watching Heroes season 2 on the plasma through the 360, streaming the episodes wirelessly from chris’s computer. it’s prettyyy sweet. we just discovered we can message each other through msn while he’s playing a game. haha oh the possibilities…”make me food! i’m hungry! the bills suck anyway, you’re gonna lose” :P

    the 360 is a pretty versatile entertainment system. i knew it would be more than just another gaming console. it’s a huge enhancement to our home entertainment center…and the perfect gift for my tech-head boy ;)

    i almost forgot we have to go back to syracuse in a couple of hours for matt’s birthday dinner at red lobster. mmm seafood!

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  • happy holidays

    it’s been a while since i wrote an entry on here. most of my updates are in my journal, so this portion of my site goes neglected :(

    i just had my annual review. it took 12 minutes total and i’m very happy with how it went. chris and i also started our 401k’s (finally!) now that our companies are offering matching as a benefit. so next month we’ll be making more money and putting more away. not a bad deal…

    we just started watching Heroes. we’d heard good things about the NBC series but hadn’t gotten around to watching it. we’re about half-way through season 1. it’s truly an addictive show. it seems like every scene is a cliffhanger, as are the episodes. the storytelling pulls you in, unraveling clues about each character’s role in the grand plot as it unfolds. pretty cool show.

    oh how time flies…

    october 2005:

    october 2007:

    happy 2 years to us!


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