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old websites sure are funny…

yes, yes they are. here’s a collection of them from Gizmodo.

our favorites:

  • apple in 1997 (see link)
  • google in 1998
  • compusa
  • dell in 1996
  • lego in 1996
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  • for matt and rachel…

    some guidelines for when the fun starts: Do’s and Don’ts with babies

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  • i just came across a good USA Today column from back in december: Thinking of switching from Windows to a Mac?

    it summarizes the differences between the two operating systems, targeting PC users who are considering the switch to macs.

    It’s like explaining the difference between a Buick and a BMW. Both get you from here to there, only the ride is generally smoother and more fun. Put another way, Windows users tolerate their computers to get stuff done. The Mac crowd enjoys its machines, whether managing music in iTunes or pictures in iPhoto.

    i usually try to avoid the heated mac vs. windows debates because honestly, i really don’t care what you use. we grew up using macs in my family, so that’s what i prefer to use. i tend to agree with the writer who says

    I’m a Mac guy, too, though not one who believes bashing Windows is a prerequisite.

    we’ve come a long way since the days of “macs suck. you can’t run anything on macs!” the Apple computers from back in the day have evolved, and it’s been a spectacular evolution to have witnessed. we now have an impressive, user-friendly and feature-filled OS built on a unix core, running on rock-solid machines with Intel processors. say hello to mac.

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  • our new living room

    i love our apartment.

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  • bring on 2008

    we got through the holidays. woohoo! i’m both relieved and sad that it’s over. it’s such a busy, hectic season crammed into the last few weeks of the year. i can’t really complain, though…it’s a much welcome break from the monotony of day-to-day life. chris just posted a holiday recap on his site and is editing it as we speak.

    holidays ‘07
    lots of food and drink
    little exercise
    awesome presents
    plenty of shopping
    playing with presents
    doing nothing
    quality time with Lucky
    staying up late
    sleeping in
    not working

    that should sum up our vacation.

    i’m gonna miss all that free time :( it’ll be tough getting back into work mode tomorrow. we’re not really looking forward to thinking and being stressed out at all.

    almost time for bed. it’s really over :-/ now for a happy new year…

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