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may ‘06 + graduation and philly

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my sisters came to visit me at the apartment! me, caroline, bella

i'm wearing shorts, i swear. in oswego for derby day...chris and me :) in oswego for derby day...what a goofball
in oswego for derby hangin out with chris's friends gettin ready for hartford...chris likes to take candid pics of me in hartford...goofy chris and me
in sleeping in hartford...the bartley boys and their women: me and chris, matt and rachel leaving being goofy
chris's sunglasses are tooo big for me my boy smilin big for me! tryin on his cuse jersey! :-P
graduation '06...the procession graduation '06...chris found me, but i didn't see him graduation ' in line (i'm the shortie)
graduation '06...i finally saw chris! graduation '06...gccis welcome screen graduation '06...simone talks
graduation '06...walking the stage graduation '06...the screen as i walked the stage graduation '06...yay i graduated!
graduation ', meeting up with the fam graduation '06...with my mom and dad! graduation '06...cute one of chris and i :)
graduation '06...the whole family! mom, caroline, isabella, francis, me, and dad graduation '06...with my little sister :-P pearl jam in philly...tailgating at the tweeter center parking lot
pearl jam in philly...chris and i :-* pearl jam in philly...most of chris and me :-P pearl jam in philly...much better :) look how short i am!! :-P
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Description: pics from May, including graduation and our trip to philly