…in full bloom

december + christmas ‘05

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hedges restaurant in webster at mom bella at hedges...all the valera women
at hedges...bella and miles at at chris's new place...this face means he's laughing at me
at chris's new place...wheat thins and his sock...i felt this needed to be documented at chris's new place...guess who at chris's new place...concentrating on the tv like he always does
at chris's new place...layin around on the couch at chris's new place...would've been cute if i could hold the camera steady at nameplate!
at kim' eating her mom's stuffing after our adventure at the bars kim, after discovering the wonders of nasal spray at kim's...bein' cute for the camera :-P
at jess's...jess in her cute top at tiki bob's at tiki bob' posin with our alcohol
at tiki bob' and kyle at tiki bob's...our stockpiled alcohol at tiki bob's...the girls
at tiki bob' and kyle againnn at tiki bob' me carl and his girl at tiki bob's...adam kim and matt
at tiki bob's...rachel and kim at tiki bob's...girrrlsss again BlueTie christmas party...with my boy
BlueTie christmas and a tigerrrrr, taken by chris BlueTie christmas party...just us again :) drinkin at kim's, last night before rit's xmas break
Photos 1 - 30 out of 60 | Back to Albums
Description: random pics from december!