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I love my friends

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party at chris's! what a crazy night pretttyyy drunkk (this was before i blacked out) my hat? :-P halloween partyyy
halloween favorite flip! halloween girls halloween partyyy...girllsss
halloween partyyy halloween partyyy...i miss stephhhhh!! halloween partyyy...some of my favorite greeks :-P
my Naz girl!! random matches the couch! random party...jess and i
awwwww :) chillin with chris! :) this kid is awesome summer at a-street
summer at a-street...daisy dukes with the girls! NYC with jan and erin! at a restaurant before the dane cook show!
DANE COOK! @ madison square garden DANE COOK! @ madison square garden me bein' silly in the city
jan and her sundae, mocking me times square superfan! all decked out in chris's cuse gear
halloween partyyy at triangle...asianness ;) oswego harborfest '05...being scandalous :-P oswego harborfest '05...mmm these girls love a big sausage
oswego harborfest ' at brick bar oswego harborfest '05...chris comes to save me from passed out girls :-P me and my old roomie united!!!
Photos 1 - 30 out of 40 | Back to Albums
Description: pics with my faaaavorite people!!