…in full bloom


My name is Carm. I’ve been involved with software development since I began my college career in 2001. In 2004 I was a co-op at Ambrosia Software Inc., a mac gaming company based in Rochester. I tested several games and began working on updating a game engine. I spent a majority of my career as a software engineer at BlueTie, Inc., an email services company in Rochester, NY. I joined BlueTie’s software maintenance team in the Collaboration division in September 2007 after having spent two years as a Quality Assurance engineer.

I’m currently a developer at ZOS Communications, a location-based services company in Webster, NY with headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA.

I love all things tech and spend most of my day in front of computers, occasionally tweeting my thoughts or uploading photos to facebook. I enjoy running, working out, seeing a good concert, going to a ballgame, and spending time with family and friends and of course, Chris.